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CA: 0x3a74b15832A30136Cb4A5997415151aD2ec67117


Contract Renounced | LP Locked for 365 Days | 0% TAX

Our Story

This token started with a dev who got rugged by BabyShia’s dev. He loved their community and hated to see how they all lost their money by being manipulated, so he created his own token. At first the people came but got scared to be rugged by the same team or by the same token’s name. But after the chart went back to 4k, the whole community of holders and many of those who got rugged started to hype themselves into driving the community themselves. As it was voted and all agreed to 100% voters with the dev included, he gave permissions, rights, and mods and admins were selected. That’s how from 4k MC, it went to 45k MC without doing anything yet. That’s when in just one day, everyone got tasks to do and took initiatives to make it the successful project of the new, true and last, BabyShia Safu!

Imagine a vibrant and dynamic community that emerged stronger than ever after weathering the storm of being cast aside from the original Babyshia. Rising from the ashes, this tenacious group has not only rebuilt their bonds but is now on the cusp of creating their own Babyshia—an extraordinary testament to their resilience and unity. With unwavering determination, they are crafting a haven that embraces diversity, creativity, and innovation. The air is electrified with the excitement of a new beginning, as members channel their shared experiences into crafting a space that’s not just a community, but a movement. Prepare to be swept away by their passion, their energy, and their unbreakable spirit as they pave the way for a future that’s uniquely their own. Get ready to witness the birth of a phenomenon that promises to redefine the very essence of unity and belonging—this is the birth of their very own Babyshia!

Road Map

Phase 1

  • Contract Created
  • Website and Socials Launched
  • Community Setup
  • 500k Market Cap

Phase 2

  • Massive Marketing
  • Community Contests
  • 1M Market Cap
  • 500 Holders

Phase 3

  • Mission Moon
  • Massive Marketing
  • +5M Market Cap
  • 1000 Holders

Our Community!